Air Water Philippines Inc.,

Our company

Air Water Philippines, Inc., a subsidiary of Air Water group of companies with head office located in Japan is a Heat Treatment Service Provider that caters to manufacturers of various brand of steel. The treatments are carried out to impart the essential mechanical properties to components in accordance to the requirements of customers. Through its many years of experience in this industry, and through the use of modern industrial equipment, it has gained professional expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous heat treatment services. It offers variety of heat treatment processes designed to obtain the most out of metals and alloys, particularly steel.

The company applies modern technology that improves the functionality of materials without actually altering the original properties of the treated material. The company also uses gas technology to develop a dry metal surface treatment technology (NV Super Gas Nitriding Process and NV PIONITE Treatment). Compared to other conventional wet treatment that uses liquids, the NV Super Gas Nitriding process exhibits outstanding step coverage properties. Nowadays, the company uses not only NV Nitriding technology, but also uses the Vacuum Quenching Process – a type of Heat Treatment that involves hardening of metals using rapid cooling from high temperature. 


The modern technology of heat treatment processes offered by the company plays an important role in wide variety of industries and the processes applies to  certain materials such as car parts, precision tools and cavities, die molds, hard disk drives of computers and other electronic products.